MTV Sweet Vicious Series

We highly recommend watching this new series on MTV by RAINN dealing with Campus Rape. Women must learn to defend themselves.

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Self-defense Programs

List of Seminars and classes for teens, young adults and adults. Sexual Assault Occurs EVERY 98 Secs. It must end and it starts with defense.

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Online Demo

Recommended Video, books and other training materials to help keep you safer. We highly recommend taking the PREPARE course.

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Rape occurs EVERY 2 minutes.

Though we have made great strides over the centuries, we are still seen as weak and prey. This must change now. Men are only stronger because we never fight back. Rape occurs EVERY every 2 minutes. We have to learn to be better at building ourselves stronger and more self-aware, confident and unafraid. Please join us or any group to help stop this cycle of violence against women.

Our website offers some resources and list of organizations to help you get involved or get help. Please use it because you are not alone. Our programs offers seminars from professionals us as PREPARE instructors and scenario role-play to help facilitate the mental strength to deescalate or defend yourselves. Join us and we will organize regular seminars to help one another.

Activate yourself to stop violence against women.


Next Steps...

Review our programs or request to be on the mailing list for upcoming seminars and classes. Get help or information from the organizations listed on our "Get Help" page. Donate or volunteer if you simply want to help.