The Lotus Flower

We chose the lotus flower because of it's resilience. A beautiful flower which rises above muddy murky water represents the beauty and survivor spirit embed in women. The lotus is a special symbol in many religions including Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Lotus symbolizes beauty, purification, faithfulness, self-awareness, enlightenment, wisdom, logic, compassion and love. Women imagine yourself this lotus flower.

Our Story

Some of us are survivors of rape, incest and domestic abuse. We are among the many reaching out to women across the world to build a stronger sorority. Help us. Join us.

Women Call to Action

Here are some steps we believe will give women the tools to protect themselves. We are from a marital arts background and have some simple but effective defense in different scenarios. We recommend taking a PREPARE or IMPACT course. Be a beautiful warrior.


Prepare or IMPACT Courses

Provides pre-college education for young girls. Scenario physical defense training that is simple and easy. They will give you tools you can use from day one. Contact us to organize a class locally in New Jersey.


Video Training

Useful Tutorials


Though we recommend in-person training, we hope that at the very least you are able to learn from these videos. If you have any questions or would like to sign-up for classes please contact us.


Defense Equipment

Legal Equipment-Check your state

Our review of what's available

Since we cannot recommend for all states, please check with your local law. We strongly recommend Bodycams or Dashcams any video equipment that can act as a deterrent. Click for a list

Next Steps...

Join our site and utilize our blog section if you would like to leave a message for other members to read. Please do not include any specific information about yourself or location.