Basic Defense Skills

The program is a combination of short-term seminars and interval courses to build confidence in women. You have a right to defend yourself.

College Preparedness

This program ranges from one day seminar from Campus Rape Escape professionals and several weeks courses to build women to "Fight like a girl"

Weekly Fight Classes

A weekly self-defense class utilizing a mix of skills from various martial art disciplines. From Stand-up to Ground defense and defense against weapons. Scenario Training.


Register to join a class in New Jersey

We organize seminars in New Jersey. If you wish to join a seminar in the future, send a request to be notified of the classes available. We email the list of classes when it becomes available. Once you become a member you will be notified when each class is organized and the location. Send an email via Contact page.

Positive Reinforcement

It is important to surround yourself with positive energy. Being positive is contagious. Find a supportive group or organization to join for meditation or hobby. Keep active and carve out your self-care day. Our programs will offer you many aspects of martial arts, including meditation seminars or activities. We are forming all our classes and will email our 2017 program in the spring. So sign up.


Next Steps...

Join our group. We will email you activities and seminars being offered. Spiritual or social meet-ups, and more.